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The Exvotos

The Cathedral? The Alcazar Royal Palace? Santa Cruz? Probably places you can not miss. Nevertheless, there is another Seville known by few tourists and few Sevillians: shops, bars, even entire neighborhoods… such as this exceptional place. Daniel and Luciano, The Exvotos, the enfants terribles of creation in Seville, combine experiment and local tradition in unique pieces that play with popular religiosity and the pagan world. Metal, wood, and especially ceramics, become decorative objects full of humor and sophistication. The boutique-workshop where they work and receive is a real cabinet of curiosities, a living space that evolves according to the spirit of each collection and has awakened praise in many interior design magazines. On the shelves, multicolored ceramic vases in the shape of heads flirt with plates on which vegetable motifs were drawn by hand; on the tables, giant shells rest on terracotta pedestals. Everywhere, faces, hands and flowers in various materials amuse themselves by mixing references to Baroque and ancient art, tradition and avant-garde, mysticism and kitsch. A unique world where the genius and soul of Andalusia express themselves, perhaps better than anywhere else in Seville. In addition, The Exvotos had the good idea to settle in a part of the northern districts of the city, completely away from the tourist circuits. After your visit, you will still be under the spell of this welcoming and talkative couple, who embodies an alternative and somewhat underground, but also popular and decidedly authentic, Seville.

By appointment only.

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