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Just take the bus to Tarifa at Estación del Prado, then the ferry and just there you are on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar. A mythical city of artists and spies, Tangier still retains its exotic and decidedly cosmopolitan spirit. Stretching along several hills, the city occupies an exceptional site, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and in front of the Andalusian coast. France, Spain, but also Great Britain and the United States, have all left their imprint in the lanes of the kasbah and the medina, as well as in the modern city  boulevards. Tangier, a millennial city, is currently experiencing cultural and economic effervescence, driven by a dynamic youth and major infrastructure projects. You can visit boutiques like Las Chicas or Les Insolites to get a glimpse on what is going on in this magical city. Welcome to the Pearl of the Strait.

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