Ana Salas

(ESPAÑOL) La casa de Ana Salas en el Aljarafe está inundada de luz. Un gran patio interior la distribuye por las estancias. La decoración, sencilla y eficaz, la deja fluir por todos lados. No hace falta más. El espacio casi vacío de muebles parece vibrar.… Read more

Haute couture Sévillane

Did you know that the Parisian haute couture firms entrust their embroidery work to Sevillian craftsmen? Seville hosts no less than ten workshops where yarn and needle specialists work with precision and passion. The gesture must be right; the vocation determined. We do not count… Read more

Casa 1800 Sevilla

A Sevillian house a stone’s throw away from the Cathedral, with 19th-century mansion’s cachet: monumental entrance door, hallway and patio. Outside, the Santa Cruz neighborhood, with tourist groups and its incessant activity; but once the hotel iron-wrought gate has been passed behind, calm and freshness come… Read more

Feria de Sevilla

Eating  and drinking. Laughing, singing and dancing. Seeing and making oneself being noticed. In the spring, Seville jumps into the spotlight and celebrates itself. In April Feria bursts its thousand colors for a week. Women put on their ruffled dresses and adorn themselves with flowers,… Read more


I have already told you about Rompemoldes, this design building in the Macarena district where creators and craftsmen live, work and exhibit their production. Among luthier, ceramists and jewelry workshops, Todomuta (« everything is transformed » in Spanish) poses a modern look on creation. Sergio and Laura are developing… Read more


Just take the bus to Tarifa at Estación del Prado, then the ferry and just there you are on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar. A mythical city of artists and spies, Tangier still retains its exotic and decidedly cosmopolitan spirit. Stretching along several… Read more

Casa 1800 Granada

A suite. A hotel in a 16th century house. The Albaicín. Granada. I could not refuse the invitation. Having enjoyed the Sevillian Casa, I was more than willing to succumb to the charm again. Casa 1800 Granada is, officially, 3 stars. Yet, aren’t attention to… Read more


In April, when Feria is approaching, Sevillanas prepare their ruffled dresses, fringed shawls, combs and flowers for the hair. They visit shops and learn about the latest trends, as last year’s vogue is no longer fashionable. Indeed, flamenco dress (traje de gitana) evolves overtime. Some… Read more

Buffuna Hats

An old wine warehouse turned into a hats boutique. An airy and welcoming space that highlights Patricia’s creations. Trained in London, this young Sevillian designer smiles without fail and transmits her passion for hats with softness and delicacy. Her models, completely handcrafted, blend the elegance… Read more